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Design and function with emotion

Since its launch, MHK kitchens has been synonymous with the highest quality furniture. Our company is renowned for its values of diligence, honesty and passion, and that combined with its long standing experience in kitchens means that the guarantee of German kitchen quality is in this versatile company’s DNA.

MHK kitchens offers not only the highest quality, but also flexibility, design variety and high functionality matching the needs of customers. But even more important than that: MHK kitchens creates spaces for pleasure and enjoyment.

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We do not compromise on quality issues. Rigorous quality control and inspections are undertaken to ensure that the kitchens will function safely and reliably even after many years of use.



The MHK kitchen range is available in a wide range of materials, finishes and colors and therefore offers countless design possibilities. A diverse product range allows you to offer a strong and consistent good, better, best proposition, from entry models based on realistic reproductions to premium kitchens made with high-quality authentic materials. One of the characteristics of MHK kitchens is its variety of high-quality design detail that is always evident during the consultation process; and the clever technical details that set MHK kitchens apart are the icing on the cake.

Well Being

With MHK kitchens one creates a space of form and function that appeals to the senses and touches the hearts of people. Kitchens become an emotional place to feel good and happy in.


One of the key features of the MHK kitchens is flexibility. The available configurations with their many variants of cabinets and shelves offer planning and design options for any type of apartment or residential building. Based on the customer, his taste and his lifestyle, a bespoke kitchen can be designed and planned, whatever the available space and in a way that will suit the customer’s needs.


The processing of the fronts, worktops, cabinets etc. and the refinement of the surfaces and edges are optimized for the process on fully automatic, computer-controlled machines. In combination with the hand finishing by qualified staff, the results are a precision that goes far beyond a „craftsmanship quality“. Quality made in Germany.


Conserve natural resources, keep air and water clean and promote sustainability. These are the three pillars of responsible, ecological action that have been firmly anchored in MHK kitchens for years.

Appliances and Accessories

Whatever your customers’ needs and aspirations, these can be met with the outstanding brands, innovative home appliances and top-class solutions that come with your MHK kitchen. In addition to offering your customer a host of various designs,  a wide choice of different functionalities and sizes are available too.